Animal Control


Maataa Waka is responsible for delivering the animal control service to Marlborough on behalf of the Marlborough District Council.


Animal Control

The service primarily involves dealing with complaints about dog nuisances and attacks and ensuring that all dogs are correctly registered. There is also a strong education focus. Currently Marlborough has approximately 10,000 registered dogs, the majority of which are non-working dogs. Animal Control is a 24/7 callout service.


Every year Animal Control staff visit various schools and community groups within the Marlborough region, educating people on how to be safe around dogs. We teach practical ways to keep children safe around dogs, care of dogs and information on how Animal Control can help the general public.


Dog Safety School and Community Programme

It takes about 45 minutes and has proved really popular within the schools.
Every child who participates will receive a certificate and a take home booklet to share what they have learnt with their families. Teacher resource packs are also available for follow up material after our visit. This is an important learning opportunity to keep out children safe around dogs.

Want to know more?

You can find out more information about Animal Control from The Marlborough District Council Website.

This includes:
Annual Dog Registration Fees Dog & Animal Laws
Missing or Lost Dogs
Staying Dog Safe
Wandering Stock (Sheep, Cattle, Horses)