One to One Financial Planning

Providing the tools to become financially self managing and set goals for the future

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Individualised support to manage existing debt and control debt for the future

Reduce stress caused by financial problems and build financial confidence and capability

The service is delivered be experienced and qualified Financial Mentors

Our services are free of charge and are available to everyone

Money Mates

A four week group programme, topics include:

  • Identifying and understanding your money personality
  • Learning the difference between needs and wants
  • Setting goals and planning for change
  • Learning how to keep track of your money
  • Individualised plan to manage existing debt and control debt in the future
  • Learning how to borrow sensibly
  • Strategies on how to save
  • Understanding you entitlements and community supports that are available
  • Encouragement to share your knowledge with your whanau and community

Programme offered to individuals, couples, whanau or community groups on a one to one basis or in a group setting.