Taking a stand again violence

Non Violence service

The aim of our service is to empower men & women to identify strategies for keeping themselves and their whanau safe and free from family violence

Build self-confidence & create self-awareness through understanding the effects of family violence.

Facilitate the creation and ownership of personal and family goals for a violence free future.


Family Centered Intervention

Whanau assessment, safety planning & individualised care plans, includes Whanau and individual sessions and/or access to a group programme

Mana Tane Group Programme

An educational weekly programme delivered in a supportive setting for Men who would like to learn strategies to manage their emotions in a positive and non violent way.

This programme is open to anybody who is ready to make positive changes in their life.

Programme Content

Managing Emotions

The role emotions play in violence, mindfulness & managing emotions, distress tolerance skills.

Relationship Skills:

Respectful Relationships effective communication, Sexual respect

Impact On Others

Children and wider whanau, Safely managing access and custody issues, Parenting after violence

Belief and Attitudes

Strategies to manage beliefs and thinking that support violence and abusive practices

Our Stopping Violence team are well experienced and are court accredited family violence facilitators.

If you are experiencing family violence and would like to discuss our services please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We accept referrals from any source.