Rangatahi/Youth Services


We incorporate group programmes with one to one individualised support to address anti-social behaviour and set goals for the future.

Food Prep for Kai

Food Prep for Kai

Mana Taiohi (Youth Mentoring)

An intensive one to one mentoring service for at risk Maori Rangatahi aged between 12-16 years and their whanau. Rangatahi who enter into this programme may have high need and complex cases which often result in a state of dis-empowerment.

The Mentor will work in collaboration with the Whanau and Rangatahi to develop personalised plans outlining strategies to address complex issues and provide support advocacy and manaakitanga for pre determined goals to be met.

The key aims and common objectives of individualised developmental plans are:

  • Drugs/alcohol education
  • Bullying and Harassment prevention strategies 
  • Future goal setting and educational/vocational development
  • Increased self esteem and confidence and building positive relationships with Whanau
  • Engaging in constructivesocial connections with peers
  • Physical and mental wellbeing and cultural development

Counselling Service for Rangatahi

Comprehensive and cultural based counselling services are provided by Maataa Waka, councillors are qualified and are either internal or external to the organisation depending on suitability and availability.

Whanau will be assessed to identify the issues and ensure that the Rangatahi is placed with the most appropriate counsellor. 

Youth Justice support Services

This Service is for Rangatahi who have entered the Youth Justice system and are referred to the service via CYF Youth Justice, Police Youth Aid and Youth Court staff.

The key objective of the services is to reduce the risk of re-offending by providing support and mentoring that supports healthy lifestyles and a reintegration into the education sector. We focus on the Whanau of each Rangatahi, recognising there may be Whanau issues that need to be addressed in order to support compliance and reduced risk of future reoffending.

This service includes:

  • Assistance to remain or re-enter education services
  • Access vocational training programmes or work experience 
  • Activity-based day programmes; involvement in a range of activities and programmes (e.g. sport, recreation, cultural, health, self-knowledge/growth) designed to link the young person positively to their whanau and wider community
  • Cultural awareness

Service components:

  • Supported Bail
  • Supervision with Activity
  • Youth Ordered Mentoring
  • Youth Development Plan
  • Community Youth Programme

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E Tipu E Rea Holiday Programme

A group based programme for Rangatahi between the ages of 12-16 years. The programme is Marae based and is also delivered in various other settings that utilise Marlborough’s natural and unique environment.

The three main aspects that make up the foundation of E Tipu E Rea are: positive youth development through empowerment, mentoring support for Rangatahi and Whanau participation and tautoko. 

The programme May include: 

  • Whakapapa (ancestor) Research
  • Mau Rakau
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Kapa Haka
  • Positive role modelling. 
  • Cultural development and the daily supported utilisation of Te Reo Maori 
  • Waka Ama
  • Raranga (weaving)
  • Health Promotion

The Rangatahi mark the end of the programme by putting down a hangi for their whanau to come in for a shared lunch to celebrate their achievements over the week. 

Rangatahi feedback:
“I couldn’t have spent my holiday better”

“The programme was mean”

“Can I come and do the programme again”

“I thought the programme was going to be stink, but I had the best holiday ever”

“This is the first time I have ever been to Pelorus, my whanau don’t take me to do things and we live here”

Whanau feedback:
“This programme needs to be available for more rangatahi, we need to fill the whole room”

“I don’t know what’s happened, since attending this programme he has been up ready to go.  Normally I have to pull him out of bed”

“There are opportunities for the rangatahi to be a part of their culture, this is what they need in our community”

Attendance Service

An integrated and holistic approach to supporting whanau who have Tamariki/Rangatahi who are not attending school.

The focus on the service is to get to the root of the problem by working collaboratively with the schools to assist whanau in addressing issues that may be impacting on their Tamariki/Rangatahi attending school.

Hapai Pukuriri (Anger Management programme)

A culturally focused whanau-centred group programme for Rangatahi between the ages of 12 – 17 with a focus on managing anger.

The programme runs for 2 hours over an 8 week period, (normally during the school term). 

The key objective of the programme is to provide the tools within a Kaupapa Maori framework for Rangatahi to manage and to no longer be the victim of their own anger.

The components of the programme are: 

  • Learn to recognise our anger. 
  • Strategies to manage our anger. 
  • Expressing our anger without hurting ourselves or others.  
  • AOD, Health and well-being and keeping safe in the community.
  • Support whanau to make long term changes to achieve Whanau Ora. 

Tiramarama Mai Programme
(Rangatahi education programme)

An innovative initiative supported by Te Putahitanga aimed at providing an education option for Rangatahi who have disengaged from main stream schooling.

The focus of the programme is to identify individual strengths and aspirations using a planned approach to address social issues and gain the skills needed to transition back into main stream education, tertiary study or employment options.

Working in partnership with the local secondary schools and integrating existing social service supports into the programme ensures a truly holistic approach that will cater for the needs of both rangatahi and their whanau so they are supported to address the wide ranging issues that currently hinder them from achieving to their full potential. 

Our goals for the programme are:

  • Utilise Tuakana/Teina role modelling
  • Focus on long term plans for the future of rangatahi
  • Develop meaningful relationships with rangatahi and their whanau
  • Encourage whanau to be part of the journey, support their rangatahi and plan for a positive future
  • For rangatahi to attend a programme where they feel welcome, valued, understood and respected
  • Create an environment where rangatahi can shine! 
  • Empower rangatahi to recognise their own behaviour to bring about change
  • Understand success as Maori in education

Using a foundation of tikanga will support rangatahi to identify with their culture, know their whakapapa and provide an increased awareness of traditional cultural practices to lay foundations for strong morals and values.  Whanau will be better parents and build stronger relationships with their rangatahi through engagement with the programme.